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Green Attachments is a Finnish company with a long experience of creating new generation solutions for demolition and recyling sector clients. With a huge experience of designing and selling of attachments for excavators, our company provides top quality products and services to demanding customers.

The company has a complete range of hydraulic attachments for excavators and wheel loaders. We offer hydraulic breakers, hydraulic grapples, scrap shears, crushing buckets, compacting plates, augers, demolition processors for primary and secondary demolition, selector grabs and many more. We have the market leaders’ products in our range from Europe and we are proud to share our product range to you.

Our products, hydraulic attachments for excavators – click for more information

Hydraulic breakers

Rock breakers

Concrete hammers

Demolition grapples

Selector demolition grabs

Sorting and Demolition Grapples

Rotating pulverisers

Hydraulic rotating munchers

Hydraulic Rotating Pulverizers

Hydraulic Augers

Hydraulic augers for excavators

Hydaulic earth drills

Compacting plates

Hydraulic compactor plates for excavators

Hydraulic compacting plates

Crusher buckets

Bucket crusher for excavators

Hydraulic crusher buckets

Cutter crushers

Hydraulic demolition shears for excavators

Hydraulic concrete busters


Multi jaw combi shears

Multi utility demolition shears

Non-rotating grapples

Selector Grabs for tilt rotators

Sorting and demolition grapples for tilt rotators

Scrap shears

Hydraulic metal shears for excavators

Dedicated metal shears

Screening buckets

Processing buckets for top soil screening

Screening buckets for excavators

Tree shears

Hydraulic tree shears for excavators

Hydraulic wood crackers

Fixed pulveriser

Secondary static pulverisers

Fixed hydraulic pulverisers

Piikki breaker line

Hydraulic Rock breaker

Economy line

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